metabolic conditioning

Here’s your perfect morning metabolism-boosting workout!

Metabolic conditioning (or MetCon for short) is a way of challenging the body so as to increase the average heart rate and metabolic demand for up to 72 hours.

Basically, when performed correctly, one metabolic conditioning workout can help you burn an increased amount of calories for up to 3 days.

To maximize on the fat-burning quality of these workouts, you can perform the exercises first thing in the morning while you are still fasted and immediately follow with a nutritious breakfast that is high in protein.

This will give you an immediate energy boost right after the workout, and if you perform these types of workouts regularly, it can more permanently speed up the metabolism and improve your everyday energy levels in the long run.

Organizing MetCon workouts is usually based on Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) or heart rate measurements. If using RPE, you are basically determining how hard you feel you are working on a scale of 1-100% intensity. If using heart rate, you are looking to work within certain heart rate zones.

It can be a little complicated and is usually best explained in a personal session with a fitness professional while they have the opportunity to help monitor your heart rate and perceived intensity. Set up your own complimentary appointment with a certified personal trainer on our website

For the sake of ease, I’m going to give you a sample MetCon workout from my RevengeBod Program along with some information on making modifications.

This is a lower body MetCon workout which uses interval training to guide you through levels of high and low intensity to achieve the metabolic conditioning effect

Lower Body H.I.I.T. Workout

About 30-45 minutes

  • 15 Fire Hydrants (each leg) + 20 Sumo Squats + 30 sec Break (x2 rounds)
  • 1 min Alternating Reverse Lunges + 30 sec Glute Bridges + 45 sec Break (x5 rounds)
  • 1 min Walking
  • 15 sec Prisoner Squat Jumps + 20 sec Break (x10 rounds)
  • 1 min Standing Calf Raises
  • (20) 20LB Deadlifts + (20) 20LB Alternate Side Lunges + (10 each side) 10LB Single Arm Overhead Squat + 1 min Break (x3 rounds)

You can get access to a program full of these workouts here.

If you need to modify this workout due to contraindications, simply swap out any exercise for something that you can do, using the following intensity guidelines…

  • 2 Rounds of exercise performed at 50% intensity
  • 5 Rounds of exercise performed at 70% intensity with 45 second breaks
  • 1 min gentle activity performed at 20% intensity
  • 10 Rounds of exercise performed at 85% intensity with 20 second breaks
  • 1 min gentle activity performed at 20% intensity
  • 3 Rounds of exercise performed at 75% intensity with 1 minute breaks

 The whole thing makes for a short-but-sweet workout that will help boost your daily energy, burn more fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, and build lean muscle mass in the process-there’s no downside!

On top of all of that, these workouts are safe to perform 4-7 times a week, and can often be performed anywhere with little to no equipment-it’s the perfect home workout template and especially for busy women who have no time to hit the gym!


In light of how easy and beneficial these workouts are, let’s do a little 7-day fitness challenge:

I challenge you to do a MetCon workout every morning,

first thing in the morning for 7 days!

Keep a little fitness journal and record changes in the way your body feels over the week-look for things such as:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Enhanced attention and focus
  • Healthy and regulated digestion
  • Reduced inflammation

Once you realize how good these workouts can make you feel, you’ll be motivated to continue implementing MetCon into your morning routine and may even be inspired to pursue bigger physical challenges!

It’s a great way to get the ball rolling on your fitness journey, and as you collect all your feel-good wins you will build momentum and motivation to continue taking the best care of yourself and your body!

You got this queen-I believe in you!

This article was written by Elexis Smolak CPT, CNC, founder of Adapted Fitness and Integrative Health and Fitness Specialist. Learn more or schedule a virtual coffee at