herb garden must haves

My Herb Garden “Must Haves” for FitWitches

So, you want to start a garden that intertwines the spiritual and the physical wellness? Well, an herb garden is definitely the place to start and I have 5 easy-to-grow magical herbs that are also known for their medicinal qualities.

Being a Pagan, Fitness Specialist for Women and an advocate for holistic healing: I take a unique approach to fitness in which I combine my Witchcraft experience with my knowledge of sciences, to teach women how to embark on an educated fitness journey that is respectful of the body and nourishing to the soul.

One of the first steps on a soul-nourishing fitness journey is to reconcile the relationship with food and reframe the way we think about healthy eating.

Most people want to think about their food as little as possible, hence the surplus of fast food and prepackaged processed foods on the market.

Even worse: the people who do think of their food but only in terms of calories and consider that to be healthy eating.

Your food is a dynamic, living source of magical energy and the more you avoid handling it and connecting with that energy, the more you create a disconnected relationship with your food.

Gardening and cooking are some of my favorite ways to start repairing your relationship with food because you really learn appreciate your food when you are the one putting in the work for it.

Gardening also creates a strong sense of pride and security as you realize that you can provide yourself healing food from nothing but dirt, seed and water (activating the root chakra).

Unfortunately, many people are unconfident in their gardening skills and so they never even try to start a garden and miss out on so much powerful food magic!

But I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be a whole farm-let’s start with some small healing foods!

 To get your garden going, I recommend tending to these 5 Magic Herbs…

Basil to helps to relax

#1) Basil soothes and brings positivity

Basil is a very aromatic herb known mostly for being used in Italian food (such as a caprese salad) and is an herb garden essential!

Nutritionally, basil is an herb rich in vitamins and minerals that help to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, assist with stomach discomfort and much more.

Magically, basil is primarily used to cleanse negativity and draw in positivity and prosperity.

Just smelling this magic herb will help you understand why it is known for these health and spiritual properties: the aroma is powerfully fresh, sweet and lingering.

Growing this herb is simple because it does not require much space and can be done inside or on a small porch.

You can usually buy and repot small basil plants (found in the grocery store) or easily plant seeds which will start sprouting in a matter of weeks.

The plant tends to be fairly hearty and can withstand small changes in weather.

If it dies during Winter, it will easily regenerate during the following Spring as long as you continue to care for it.

mint for focus

#2) Mint clears out excess and enhances focus

Mint is an herb that we use so frequently that we tend to think of it more as a flavor than an herb (mint-flavored gum).

Nutritionally, mint is abundant in nutrients that help with everything from eye health to mental focus to digestive issues.

In magic, mint is commonly used to create an uplifting clarity, and draw in abundance-mint is most commonly used for money magic spells.

Mint is another healing herb that can be bought as a baby plant in a grocery store and repotted.

Mint often grows like a weed and so it’s pretty easy to grow with little maintenance, but it does need its own space in your herb garden!

Mint will kill the plants closest to it and take over its space.

Mint grows best in an outside herb garden with shaded sun exposure and may die during the Winter but will regenerate in Spring.

rosemary protects your body

#3) Rosemary protects your body and your herb garden

Rosemary is a coarse and spiny herb that grows into a bush that looks similar to a stout pine tree, and it is renowned as a healing food.

Nutritionally, rosemary is known for its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and metabolism boosting properties.

Magically, rosemary is utilized for memory and reflection, along with banishment and protection.

One whiff of this magic herb will yield a powerfully aromatic and herbaceous scent that almost sticks to the back of your sinuses.

Rosemary grows well in most environments and will grow into a massive bush if not pruned regularly, so make sure you’re taking the time to cut and use this plant.

This herb grows best outside, in shaded sunlight with ample amounts of space and water (I like it to be towards the back of my herb garden). It may dry up during off season but will replenish thereafter.

thyme for sleep

#4) Thyme let’s everything flow gracefully

Thyme is a tiny herb with a big flavor but it tends to get disregarded both in the kitchen and in the herb garden.

Nutritionally, thyme has been proven to boost the immune system, assist with healthy blood flow, reduce bodily inflammation and much more!

Magically, thyme is most popular for its application in sleep and wakeness- thyme is often used to promote restful sleeping and good dreams, along with being used to open the third eye and enhance psychic abilities.

Thyme is an herb that you definitely want to find as a baby plant because it is challenging to grow from seed.

After that, it’s fairly simple: prune it as needed, water as the soil dries and keep it outside in full sunlight.

The plant will dry and regenerate during off and on seasons which is normal, but it will need to be replaced after several years because the plant will become woody.

sage cleanser

#5) Sage is a powerful cleanser

Sage is a soft, earthy herb that is primarily known not as a magic food, but as a spiritual burning product.

Most people would be surprised to learn that sage is known to be a powerfully healing food.

Nutritionally, sage is most renowned for it’s Cancer-preventing antioxidants but is also known to enhance digestive and heart health.

Magically, sage is most known for cleaning out negative energy and protecting the space around you.

Note: There are several varieties of sage and it is worth noting that White Sage burning, in specific, has been associated with Indigenous Cultural Appropriation. Please be educated and respectful in your Witchcraft.

Sage is an easy outdoor plant to grow-it grows well in full sunlight with ample amounts of water.

It does not require too much space and only needs to be pruned as the stalks start getting hard and woody-it’s easy to place in your herb garden because it’s not aggressive.

All of these herbs can be used fresh, or dried and stored for later-in either state, these herbs are safe and effective in both your diet and your Witchcraft.

What’s the takeaway?

Most toxic eating habits are only a symptom of a much larger problem: the refusal to acknowledge the deep connection between your spiritual health and your physical health.

Taking a step into the garden to reconnect with the energy that is your food, and that goes into your food is a massive step in correcting that!

Your food has physical and spiritual magic in it and you can access it!

This article was written by Elexis Smolak CPT, CNC, WFS founder of Adapted Fitness and Integrative Health and Fitness Specialist for Women. Learn more or schedule a virtual coffee at AdaptedToYou.com