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Blossom Your Mindset: Try These Fitness Affirmations for Women!

One of the hardest parts of embarking on a health and fitness journey is getting into and staying in a mindset that is conducive to commitment.

When you start a fitness program, you are essentially planning to intentionally make yourself uncomfortable for a length of time to help you grow into better exercise and dietary habits.

If you are working with a good trainer, the amount of discomfort will be appropriate and safe for you, but it will be somewhat uncomfortable none-the-less-it’s part of the process of change.

Because this discomfort is unavoidable, it is essential that your mindset about improving your health and fitness is doing as much weightlifting as you may expect your body to.

Unfortunately for women, getting into an empowering mindset to achieve fitness goals may be especially difficult. Most women are taught from a young age that females are not meant to be tough, stern, disciplined or coarse in any way.

As girls, we often grow up with people going out of their way to prevent us from struggling physically, such as the expectation that men should open doors for us and carry heavy things for us. Some of us are even discouraged from running around and playing rough or getting dirty as children-we’re objectified and treated as porcelain dolls from the start.

While this may seem sweet, considerate and chivalrous towards women, it’s actually not-instead it’s preventing girls from building the mental toughness necessary to have healthy relationships with their bodies as they grow into women.

Where men are taught to expect and rise to a challenge, women are taught that they shouldn’t even have the confidence or audacity to try being stronger-we are taught that it is unfeminine and unseemly for a woman to sweat and struggle through anything beyond childbirth.

As we age, we really tend to feel the disconnected relationship between our selves and our bodies, and a lot of women desire to improve this relationship by working on health and fitness goals.

Unfortunately, after a lifetime of not even opening doors for yourself and subscribing to the idea that you are a member of the weaker sex, it can be difficult to suddenly muster up the mental fortitude to intentionally put your body under the physical strain of a workout, and the mental strain of controlling your eating habitsand understandably so!

For this reason, I am a big advocate of mentality training with my clients! One of my favorite ways to build mental toughness in women, and reframe unhelpful thought patterns is with self-love affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you would typically say to yourself (though you can affirm others) with the intention of helping you build a healthier way of thinking.

Affirmations can be delivered in any number of ways: you can listen to a recording of someone saying affirmations and repeat it to yourself, you can write them down in or journal or on the bathroom mirror, or you can simply just think of affirming statements for an allotted amount of time.

Positive affirmations can also be relative to various topics, from self-love to relationships to wealth and abundance. An example of an affirmation is “I am beautiful”.

Getting into the habit of using self-love affirmations to rework your mindset is valuable to every part of your life, but it is most important to helping you build a healthy and loving relationship with yourself, and with your body.

On my YouTube Channel I have recorded positive affirmations for women on a variety of subjects, but my fitness affirmations are always the most recommended to others because of how many women find this empowering mindset to be unique and beneficial.

While the Fitness Affirmation YouTube Video has many more, I wanted to use this blog to go into detail about my Top 5 Fitness Affirmations for Women:

my body is a gift (1)

1) “My body is a vehicle gifted to me by the universe and I will respect it as such.”

Your body is what houses and transports your spirit, soul and essence of yourself.

You will have a really hard time being your truest self without a body that is healthy, capable of movement, expressive or cooperative.

For example, if you’re a really explorative person who loves new experiences and learning new things, you will feel really held back by a body that gets tired when walking for long periods of time or is not nourished enough to focus on reading a book.

Because of this, it is an act of self-love and appreciation for yourself and who you are, to take care of your body to the best of your ability.

Every action of care towards the body is like saying “I love myself so much that I want to nourish my body’s ability to continue expressing my best self, as well as my body’s ability to enjoy my life to the fullest extent!”

For help finding more ways to respect your body, consult with woman’s fitness coach.

taking time to be healthy (1)

2) “I am worth the time and energy it takes to cook and eat food.”

This is a big one for women because women tend to be praised for their selflessness, to the point that women who are not self-sacrificing can often be considered selfish.

The result is that women are the biggest offenders of neglecting to put time and energy into eating.

It is so common for women to only have a coffee in the morning, get to 1pm and realize that they haven’t eaten and still proceed to justify to themselves that they need to “finish this project” before they can feed themselves, despite having negative repercussions from not eating.

Pair that with the push for women to be skinny and you have a recipe for disaster: a whole population that is startlingly normalized to the idea of starving themselves.

These irregular eating habits are extremely disrespectful of the female body and everything it goes through and can often lead to nutrient deficiency and hormone imbalance.

Eating is a basic necessity for the body to function properly. Even if you’re busy, even if you feel like you’re getting fat, even if you ate a lot yesterday: you still need to eat regularly today.

You may be tired and your toddler may be asking for you to read them a book, but you deserve time to prepare and feed yourself a nourishing meal. Your toddler can wait, or even participate in the cooking process while they learn through you how to prioritize themselves and their health.

Sometimes prioritizing yourself looks like you saying “no” or “that needs to wait” to other things, and that’s okay!


3) “I am strong and capable of overcoming any challenge.”

As I mentioned earlier, it has not been very common for girls to be raised to feel strong and capable of being challenged.

Most women have been raised to believe the exact opposite.

But tell me this: how are you not strong and capable of overcoming, when every month you overcome the discomfort of the Luteal and Menstrual phases of your cycle?

A lot of you women have even grown and birthed entire babies out of your body multiple times!

Some of you (myself included) have gone through the mental, physical and emotional pain of NOT being able to grow and birth babies from your own body-that requires SO MUCH mental toughness!

And menstruation/ birth is only one small facet of what being a woman is!

As a woman, you are the epitome of strength, creation, change and growth.

It is remiss of people to treat all women as fragile and delicate, and it is unnecessary for you to doubt your ability to overcome. You’ve probably done nothing but overcome up until this point in your life so, statistically, your self-doubt does not compute.

How many times in the past year alone have you been forced to overcome and rise to the occasion?

You are absolutely strong and capable-never doubt that!

If you’re looking to really see what you’re capable of, you HAVE to try my 8 Week Female Beginner’s Bodybuilding Program which is full of empowering information, virtual workouts and nutritional guidance!

healthy for myself (1)

4) “I work on myself and my health for myself and no one else.”

This is an important thing that I impress on all of my clients for two big reasons.

First, because I find it disturbing how many women feel like they need to be improving themselves for the sake of men being attracted to them.

This is an example of you objectifying yourself and reminding yourself that you don’t feel that you are worth the effort, but you do feel that your partner is. That’s self-deprecation, not self-love.

Second, it is also really common for people to work with a trainer and feel the need to make their trainer proud of them or happy with them. Again, this is you making someone else the reason that you do something, instead of feeling like you are worth doing the work for yourself.

As a trainer, I am constantly reminding my clients to create their own sense of validation by asking them “Are you proud of yourself?” “How do you feel you’ve improved?” “How do you feel you did this week, with respect and consideration to everything else you’ve had to do?”

I want women to feel more comfortable doing things for themselves, feeling proud of themselves and understanding that other people’s opinions of their journey are insignificant compared to their own.

5) I am worthy of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Self-worth is something that can feel askew in a lot of women.

We’re often taught that we do definitely have worth, but it’s tied to how others perceive us and what others expect of us.

For example, some women feel worthy of taking the time to go to the gym…to work on their dream body that will attract men.

Instead, I encourage women to learn to feel worthy of building a happy and healthy life, whether a partner finds it attractive or not.

Again, we’re shifting the focus back to “This is for YOU. This is about YOU. This is beneficial to YOU.” And it’s okay for this to be all about you and not for anyone else. This is your body, your life, your routine-it’s YOURS and you are worth the best of everything! 

Please take the time to listen to the full Fitness Affirmations video on YouTube and share with a queen in your life who needs to hear this!

You are so many amazing things: worthy, capable and strong are just the tip of the iceberg that is your feminine magnificence.

Tap into your power by changing your mindset and self-talk with daily affirmations and acts of kindness to yourself.

 You are more than worth it!

This article was written by Elexis Smolak CPT, CNC, founder of Adapted Fitness and Integrative Health and Fitness Specialist for Women. Learn more or schedule a virtual coffee at