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Fitness Coaching for People Coming Into Their Power

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Learn About Your Body

A key component of our training is that we take the time to teach you how your body works and communicates with you, so that you understand why certain changes need to be made and feel motivated to improve your relationship with your body.

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Level Up Your Mindset

This is what makes or breaks a fitness journey, so we prioritize achieving a healthy mindset about your efforts and your body on your fitness journey. We help you reframe unhelpful thought processes and practice loving your body during every step of the journey.

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Prove to Yourself How Powerful You Are

We are going to apply the amount of pressure that will empower you-not dishearten you. You will come out of our training feeling physically and mentally evolved!

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves” -Mary Wollstonecraft

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Balance your Fitness with Your Lifestyle

Balance Your Fitness with Your Lifestyle! We are fitness professionals who specialize in helping people make healthy lifestyle changes for a well-rounded approach to fitness that improves all aspects of your health.

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Nutritional Counseling​

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Exercise Coaching

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Online Coaching

Who We Help

Nutrition and Fitness For Women Who...

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…are trying to learn about their bodies and how to care for them

build muscle for women

…are looking to build physical and mental strength

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…want to change their body composition

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…are recovering from or in the midst of pregnancy

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…are managing chronic disease or recurring pain

What our clients are saying

"You’re the only person who makes me feel good about myself... you’re the only person who tells me that I am doing a good job."
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The fitness industry has been such a polarized experience for so many women. Half of the fitness industry is extremely male-oriented and neglects to address female-specific health concerns.

On the other hand, the more female-oriented side of fitness can be monotonously driving women towards the goal of being skinny, on the road of crash dieting and miserable amounts of cardio.

We aim to work against this, and to train women in a way that respects their bodies and their womanhood while giving them the freedom to work towards any goal or image of perfection. 

We also work to help educate our clients on their own bodies so that they can feel more power and take more control over their health, their bodies and their lives.

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